From Crew to Captain: Empowering Women in Sailing Through Technology.

From Crew to Captain: Empowering Women in Sailing Through Technology

Sailing has always been a sport dominated by men. But, women have been challenging the norm and breaking down barriers in recent years. Today, more and more women are participating in sailing, and some have even become captains. However, the sailing industry still has a long way to go in empowering women and providing them with the necessary resources and technology to succeed.

Technology has played a significant role in empowering women in sailing. Here’s how:

1. Navigation Technology

Navigation technology has revolutionized sailing, making it safer, more efficient, and accessible to everyone. Women sailors, in particular, have benefited greatly from this advancement, as it allows for a more level playing field. Navigation technology, such as electronic charts, GPS, and radar, have made it easier to navigate through challenging waterways, allowing women to captain their boats with ease.

2. Communication Technology

Communication technology has also played a crucial role in empowering women in sailing. Satellite phones, radios, and internet connectivity allow sailors to stay connected with their support teams, family, and friends while out at sea. For women, this technology provides an added layer of security, making it easier to call for help in case of an emergency.

3. Weather Technology

Weather technology has made it easier for women to plan their sailing trips effectively, minimizing the risks of encountering severe weather. Apps such as Windy and Meteogram provide real-time information on wind direction, speed, and tides, allowing sailors to plan their routes accordingly.

4. Social Media

Social media has made it easier for women in sailing to connect with each other and create a vibrant community. Various social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, provide a platform for women to share their sailing experiences, ask for advice, and connect with other like-minded women.

5. Sailing Technology

Sailing technology has come a long way, making it easier for women to captain their boats with ease. Technology such as self-tacking jibs, autopilots, and electric winches have made sailing a more accessible sport, allowing women to compete equally alongside their male counterparts.

Despite the advancements in technology and the progress made in empowering women in sailing, there is still a long way to go. Here’s how we can do more:

1. Increased Access to Education and Training

Education and training are vital in breaking down barriers in sailing. Women must be given equal opportunities to learn and develop their skills in the sport. Access to education and training will help women gain the confidence and expertise to become captains and leaders in the sailing world.

2. Creating Safe Spaces

Creating safe spaces for women in sailing is crucial. Women need to feel welcome, supported, and respected in the sailing community, free from discrimination and harassment. Clubs must work towards creating a more inclusive environment where women can thrive and have access to the same resources as their male counterparts.

3. Promoting Female Participation

Promoting female participation in sailing is essential. Clubs and organizations should actively encourage and support women to participate in the sport. Promoting events, creating networking opportunities, and offering mentorship programs are just some of the ways to inspire female participation.

4. Celebrating Female Success

It’s crucial to celebrate female success in sailing, no matter how big or small. Recognizing and honoring female sailors’ achievements can help inspire younger generations of women to break down barriers in the sport and achieve their goals.


Technology has helped bridge the gender gap in sailing, empowering women to become captains and leaders in the sailing world. Navigation, communication, weather, social media, and sailing technology have all played a crucial role in creating a more inclusive and accessible sport. However, there is still a long way to go. The sailing industry must continue to work towards providing women with access to education and training, creating safe spaces, promoting female participation, and celebrating female success. By doing so, we can create a more diverse and inclusive sailing community where everyone has equal opportunities to succeed.

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