The After-Party: Where to Keep the Fun Going at Sailing Festivals

Sailing festivals are not only about the races and on-the-water activities. These events are also a great opportunity to experience the sailing community’s vibrant culture and traditions. What better way to do that than by partying with fellow sailors after a long day on the water? The after-party is a time to unwind, celebrate, and make even more sailing memories.

But where should you keep the fun going after the sails have been furled? The answer depends on your location, budget, and preferences. To help you plan your ultimate after-party, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to continue the celebrations at sailing festivals.

1. Local Bars:

Before the official after-party, grab a drink at a local bar within walking distance of the festival grounds. Local bars offer an opportunity to meet locals, learn more about the area, and pick up some insider tips about the festival itself. You may even run into some fellow sailors and discuss your daring races of the day.

2. On-Site Bars and Tents:

Most sailing festivals have on-site bars and tents set up for attendees, often with live music or DJs. These are a great way to keep the party going without the hassle of finding transportation or having to pay cover fees. The atmosphere is often relaxed, and you’re surrounded by festival goers who share your love for sailing.

3. Boats and Yachts:

If you’re lucky enough to be friends with a sailor who has a boat or yacht, then post-racing cocktails on board can be one of the most memorable ways to spend the evening. Docked boats can be transformed into lively party zones with music, drinks, and some food. If you meet some sailors earlier in the day and they mention they will be partying on their boat, feel free to ask them if you can join in the festivities. Remember to be respectful, and offer to bring some drinks, snacks or the necessities.

4. Beach Parties:

Some sailing festivals happen at beachside locations, allowing for a beach bonfire after the racing concludes. With crashing waves, sand between your toes, a cozy fire and cool drinks, you will make unforgettable memories during a relaxed night around the bonfire. These are often more casual affairs, and attending one will give you an opportunity to see another side of the festival you wouldn’t get to experience during the day.

5. Restaurants and Clubs near the Festival Location:

If you want to dance the night away, consider checking out one of the local clubs or restaurants where the festival is happening. From rooftop bars, to hip and trendy nightclubs, to world-class restaurants, these places offer a more refined environment after a day of drinking on the water. While entrance and table fees may be higher, the experience is truly worth the cost.

6. Organised After-Parties:

Don’t forget to check out whether the festival is hosting an official after-party. These are often ticketed events, so buying tickets ahead of time is a must. These parties also tend to be the largest, and most well-organised, with DJs and live music to keep the crowds dancing into the early hours.

In Conclusion:

Sailing festivals are undoubtedly the highlight of the sailing season, and attending an after-party is a great way to celebrate with fellow sailors. With so many options available, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to keeping the party going. The after-party is a chance to unwind, meet locals, and make new friends while enjoying the best of the sailing community. Whether you choose a local bar, an onboard celebration, or a club, one thing is for sure- the after-party won’t disappoint. So grab a drink, kick back and soak in the sailing vibe- life on land can always wait.

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